Governance & Crisis

Day 1, Session 1

07:45     Juval Portugali: A synergetic cities’ view on Cities in Time of Corona

28:52     Parama Roy: Cities, Disasters and Vulnerable Groups.

48:22     Rani Mandelbaum:  From Crisis to Crisis: The impact of Current Crisis Discourses on Planning Policy and Planning Democracy in


1:10:13   Karen Coelho: Governing collectivities and congregations in the Southern post- Covid-19 city

1:37:09   Open discussion

Total length: 1:44:10



Day 1, Session 2

00:00   Ophir Paz-Pines: Central government and local governments’ dynamics in Israel: a transition from hierarchical relations to

            cooperation and co-dependence

20:00   Jessica Seddon: Governance of complex systems

42:00   Vikram Kapur: Chennai governance and the World Bank project

55:40   Open discussion

Total length: 1:30:42


Urban Simulation Models (USM)

Day 2, Session 1

00:30     Eyal Ben-Dor: The potential of hyperspectral remote sensing technology to monitor the urban environment

21:30     Itzhak Benenson: Big Spatial Data and Urban Modeling

46:30     Aromar Revi: Data collection and new models of cities

1:03:51  Idan Porat: Some remarks on global migration network and the Covid-19

1:23:45  Bharath Palavalli: The relationship between policymakers and modelers

1:39:44  Open discussion

Total length: 1:59:09


Covid-19 Aftermath:

Urban Planning, Environment, Transportation

Day 2, Session 2

00:00  Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal: Covid-19 and urban planning & design

23:27  Vered Blass: Environmental behavior before and in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic: insights from Israeli survey and implications for future research

46:40  Open discussion

Total length: 1:11:52


Concluding  Discussion

Day 3

01:05  Ilit Oppenheim: Smart Transportation Revolution - Pre and Post Covid-19

18:30  Ashwin Mahalingam: A brief on some recent work in Chennai and its limitations

30:56  Concluding  Discussion

Total length: 1:36:31